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Navigating Life

I rarely do stuff like this but after reading literally thousands of people’s stories this month…

I want to compile some pieces of content that have helped me navigate this crazy game we call life.

1. I usually say this is one of the most impactful videos I’ve watched in my life.

The beginning is all about extreme ownership. Every man is the master of his own kingdom.

But the 2nd half is what hits me to this day. It’s about the Prodigal Son.

2. This clip is a thought experiment with Tim Ferris about how we react to things that happen to us.

We are not our emotions. We have the ability to reframe these emotions.

The end blew my mind though. 

True self-worth comes from the ability to forgive.

3. This is a short one but it will introduce you to the concept of mindfulness and meditation.

About 3 years ago, I went really deep into meditation. Haven’t looked back.

The effects are real & this video explains it in 2 minutes.

4. One of my favorite people, Naval Ravikant on a Clubhouse room.

Start this one at 55:40. 

“Become an error correcting machine in all things that you do, always embrace error correction, especially when the feedback is from markets & nature.”

5. This is a video about how Facebook grew to a billion users.

My takeaway from this is how simple growth really can be made.

1. Get people in the door

2. Deliver incredible experience

3. Deliver that experience as frequently as possible.

6. Again obscure but it’s a public office hours session with Paul Graham (creator of Y-Combinator)

The way that Paul reframes and asks questions is fascinating to watch. His focus on clarity and ability to dig for value is nuts.

7. This one is an operators dream to watch. 

Keith Rabois puts on a hyper-tactical (somewhat outdated) seminar on how to build, manage and operate high performance technology teams.

8. It’s no secret I really like GaryVee. 

But it’s hard to find high-signal videos of Gary with the amount of content he puts out.

This is *the* GaryVee interview in my opinion. Next level.

9. This is an interview on CBS of this guy named Jason Silva. 

Just one of those mindblowing little pieces of daytime TV. 

Silva has a lot of content like this.