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Path to Blue Chip

This document has a few parts:

Part One: Our Next Big Ideas
Part Two: Tough/Controversial Topics I Want To Address
Part Three: The DeGods Growth Funnel
Part Four: Personal Letter from Frank

Feel free to skip around to whatever you’re interested in. I know it’s a lot. I’ve been typing for a while, haha.

TLDR: We are working on the big ideas for DeGods that excite us the most, while still making sure that we are keeping the growth of the project consistent. This document basically shares how we are evaluating each idea.

Why the fuck should I read this?

  • If you’re interested in what’s next for DeGods

  • If you’re upset with our leadership in the last few weeks

  • If you’re thinking of buying or selling your DeGod

  • If you’re interested in launching your own collection and want to see how we think about Growth for DeGods
  • If you’re bored as fuck.

Alright, check it out haha.

-degods core team

Part One: Big Ideas

All of these are big ideas that we believe will increase trading volume. As a metric, this is something we focus on the most because it is the simplest metric to use to distill our performance as a project. If we have heavy trading volume, it means marketing, community engagement, activity, etc are all creating actual movement in our market.

  • DePalace
    • Idea: A space for DeGods to have quality discussions and for people to find smaller tight-knit communities within the DeGods Community. Also, will be a place for DeGods to discuss upcoming projects in a detailed and thoughtful way.
    • Why Will This Increase Volume: It gives smaller communities the chance to do their own marketing (while having fun) for the upside of increasing the value of their DeGods, and incentivizes new people to join DeGods through these subcommunities.
    • Why This Won’t Work: Nobody uses the platform and there isn’t any engagement, so no value is created.

  • DeGods Merch
    • Idea: DeGods merchandise that people can wear in real life.
    • Why Will This Increase Volume: People post pictures wearing their DeGods merch & it spreads on Twitter and people see how cool our community is.
    • Why This Won’t Work: The merch isn’t cool and nobody wants it.

  • DeGods Welcome
    • Idea: Whenever someone gets a new DeGod, they tweet #NewDeGod & a one-liner about themselves, then we will alert Discord with a link to the tweet. We blow up the tweet and follow the new account. 
    • Why Will This Increase Volume: We have a very clear pipeline for new DeGod holders to get an instant, massive dopamine rush for purchasing their DeGod. Also, the one liner would be great to see if people in the community have anything in common with this person, helping break the ice for them joining the community.
    • Why This Won’t Work: Nobody engages with these Discord Alerts / On Twitter with the new DeGod holder.
    • Add On: We should consider having a Mount Solympus for our DeGod holders and continually adding to the “all-star” list when we see some holders and community members going extra-hard, making incredible content for the community. Every month we could add X # of people to Mount Solympus, and part of new users’ onboarding they could be shared a link to follow the all stars on Twitter.

  • DeGods Dev/Community Weekly Volume Challenges
    • Idea: Every week, devs, builders & community members can pitch ideas to the community for ways they believe they can increase trading volume for DeGods. If the community likes an idea, we can decide on what % of the week’s total trading volume royalties the builder could be paid out. For example: A dev has an idea to build a DeGods 2D Game and the community thinks it can increase volume significantly. We can vote as a community to allocate 100% of royalties for 2 weeks to the creator. 
    • Why Will This Increase Volume: There are so many incredible builders in the community & by using simple performance compensation, we can align the incentives between the talented people in our community and the goals of the project. 
    • Why This Won’t Work: Nobody is able to build anything that could significantly increase volume. Also, actually deciding on the terms of a deal may be tough in a community setting.

  • DeGods Trait Stacking for Burn Acceleration
    • Idea: We build a fusion system for DeGods. Basically, you can select one trait you like from one DeGod and swap it with the trait on another DeGod. The only catch is you will have to burn one of the DeGods in order to do this. Honestly, this is a deep bear market play, if there is a macro-downtrend for NFTs, this will allow us to significantly decrease the supply of DeGods while making the remaining collection extra-fucking dope. It sets us up for a massive breakout at the next bull run.
    • Why Will This Increase Volume: This would likely drive volume in the long-term because of the exponentially increased scarcity. But on the other end, it would also potentially increase volume in the short-term with people sniping traits they like from the floor to build their ideal DeGods. Creates really interesting dynamics.
    • Why This Won’t Work: People don’t want to burn their DeGods, given they cost approximately $1100+ on average, which is totally understandable.

  • DeOath Tracker
    • Idea: Build a website that ranks the longest delisted DeGods & allow holders to connect their wallet and sign the delisted DeGods with the DeOath. They will basically connect their Twitter and claim the DeOath. People’s rankings can increase by contributing to Discord and Twitter engagement. From there, we will simply send burn offers to the highest rank DeGods on this list. We will make sure that this criteria is extremely transparent.
    • Why Will This Increase Volume: Obviously, doing the DeOath style of burning will slow down the burn rate, but it increases the volume because there are typically 3 transactions and the floor gets swept faster. I also think it builds a transparent set of rules for good actors to be rewarded with the chance of more DeGods in our community.
    • Why This Won’t Work: We aren’t able to build a solid or transparent method to accurately reward people for their actions. Or, it makes the burn rate much slower than it could be if we just burned lower priced listed Gods.

Part Two: Tough Topics articles

Alright, so this is tough for me to say… but I do not believe is going to create enough short-term growth for us to prioritize it right now. 

I was monitoring the data and the volume from the articles we tested with to start. Unfortunately, it was an insignificant amount of growth, and because of that internally we stopped prioritizing working on formatting all of the remaining articles that have been written. That’s fucked up to the people that have written and made great videos to share with the community.

So, in order to right this wrong, Finn is sprinting on formatting the remaining articles so we can upload them. For now, this will be the only content on 

We are still bullish on the concept of our community creating content for the broader community, we just feel like the Forum we are building will be a better method to find the highest quality content in the space. So, if we see excellent articles or thought-pieces written on we can “promote” them to have a spot on the main page.

Lack of Communication

Right now, the core team has been doing a pretty horrible job of communicating to the Discord specifically. Obviously if you’re reading this far into this document, you probably know that I had issues for the last week and a half with my mom’s health. Regardless, that’s not an excuse, and I’ve been meaning to address this for a while now.

I think there’s an argument to be made that the “Frank is typing…” hype is something that won’t bring in new people into the project. I’m flattered & honored that the community has made my typing speed into a meme. But, I worry that people new to the project may not understand why so many people talk about me. I want to figure out a way where the Core Team can be more focused on grinding on infrastructure and behind the scenes stuff, and we let people in the community shine more.

I think something I’ve noticed is that human beings are often a bottleneck for a lot of different processes along the pipeline. Since I mostly run the Twitter account, If I’m not active on Twitter or Discord 24/7, I might miss something really cool that someone in the community makes – or I might miss if there’s someone who joins the community. This means these projects/people don’t get as much distribution as they should.

My goal is to start automating these processes more so we stop missing important things. For example – above I mentioned the automated DeGods Welcome posts. Twitter DM’s and Notifications are a complete mess and every 10 minutes the account gets replenished with another 20+ notification alert, so it’s hard to see everything through there too.
I’m excited to launch DePalace to have a much cleaner way to see what’s happening in the community. 

In summary, the goal is to move off the “Cult of Frank is Typing…” as the lynchpin of the project and put the spotlight onto the members of our community that actually make this project a fuckin blue-chip. I just think it’s what’s best for the thousands of new holders that will join us in the coming 12 months. Let’s help them find a sense of identity and ownership here. Old memes will always have a special place in our hearts, but let’s make some new ones together. Love you fuckers though, seriously.

PHBT Tax Updates

This is an ongoing process. Right now, I know people are worried about the “Previous Highest Last Sale Price” being a disincentive to purchase any PHBT DeGods. There are a few solutions proposed that will fix this issue, and we will go with the one that would be the simplest to implement with Alpha Art. We have not forgotten about this.

The most obvious solution is simply reverting back to your personal purchase price, with an exception of Offers. So offers wouldn’t be counted towards PHBT and this would effectively remove the issues we have right now.

But, I still don’t think this is the most pressing issue with PHBT. The issue is a lack of trading volume. When there is heavy trading volume, this is a secondary issue. The burn wallet is slow to fill up right now because it’s been a period of low trading volume since DeGodsWeek. That’s why I began this document with all of the plans for increasing trading volume. Let’s keep our eyes on the main goals. These details will be fixed along the way.

Collabs / Partnerships

People are noting how it might not be a good idea to actively turn down every partnership.

I agree. Some projects would actually be pretty incredible to partner with. BitBrawlers looks potentially like one of those projects. 

My plan for ramping up our high-quality partnerships going forward is to post all of the requests we get onto DePalace so we can all discuss them together and choose as a community which projects we want to back.

Because, at the end of the day, all of these projects want to partner with us… because our community is fucking ape shit. So, I will never put this community in a position where y’all have to “pretend” to be hyped about a project just because they said they’re going to sweep our floor. That’s not how we roll.

So, by opening this up to the community, that gives us the chance to actually pick partners we are proud to be with (and they’re all probably going to sweep our floor or some shit too).

DeGods Growth Funnel Breakdown

I’m sharing this because I want everyone to know precisely how I think about growth for this project. Everything we do ideally falls into some piece of this funnel and can directly drive results to the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) listed here.


Currently, we are getting almost 98% of our traffic from twitter dot com. Obviously, this is the case for most NFT Projects. I don’t want this to change dramatically. The biggest thing I learned from my years running growth at startups – when you have a growth channel that is working, you double & triple down on it.

However, at our current stage, it would be interesting to test new channels for growth.

Next Steps:

  • Continue growing on Twitter, but prioritize finding new impressions by creating content that gives more high level explanations & context into what DeGods is.
    • As cheesy as it is, utilizing NFT-based hashtags
    • Collaborations with projects that have a different audience than us

  • Test new social channels and measure growth results

Here’s how I’m prioritizing the next channels we test –

  1. YouTube
  2. Instagram

  3. Blog Posts / Magazines / Forbes / CNBC articles
  4. Influencers


At this stage of the funnel, people know what DeGods is, but they’re considering whether they want to get one or not.

If DeGods is a match for them, we need to highlight the reasons why it is a match for them. Most people check out a project’s website & Discord before making a purchase decision.

Next Steps:

  • Our website needs to do two things well: highlight the social proof of our massive community & serve as a linktree to navigate to all relevant DeGods tools.
    • We’ve done a decent job of highlighting social proof, but we could improve our linktree status by wrangling all of the community tools
  • Our Discord needs a lot of work, the difficult thing is that the way this Discord has been set up, it’s not very easy to join and be caught up on what’s happening with the project.
    • I’m not sure how we fix this just yet, and I want to hear people’s thoughts/experiences being in other Discords they’ve really liked and how we can help transform our Discord from what it is today, to a supremely popping one.


This part of the funnel is something I think is untapped by 95% of NFT projects. I have a lot of thoughts of how we can streamline the process of someone buying their first DeGod.

Next Steps:

  • Create a web app to help people find the Perfect DeGod for them.

  • Base it off of the tool made by 0x_jit

  • Just clean up the UI to focus on this concierge-like workflow
    • Ask the user:
      • “What’s the max you want to spend?”

      • “Rarity vs. Specific Traits You Like”

      • Then show the results for the choices they picked.

      • Link to Alpha Art Listing for them to purchase.

  • I actually think this could be our version of a marketplace… Instead of handling transactions ourselves, why don’t we just do everything else? A marketplace is a tool to buy a DeGod… so why don’t we just make our own front-end for it and link to the Alpha Art listing for them to actually purchase the DeGods.


People need to have the best onboarding experience possible. If they experience that immediate, public appreciation and dopamine from joining the DeGods community, we will incentivize more people to join the community & on top of that we will create a long-term holder out of them.

Next Steps:

  • Building a more automated way of notifying DeGods community when someone new joins and posts on Twitter.

  • Encouraging people to list bios on Twitter so they can break-the-ice with people in the community and actually form meaningful relationships.
  • We need to get better with catching people that join the community. One idea here is to make a constantly updated Powerpoint that catches people up on the history of DeGods so they don’t feel like they’re behind when they join.


This is the hardest one to actually measure and optimize for. But somehow it’s also one of the most important parts of this whole growth funnel too.

Honestly, I’m not going to bother over-intellectualizing this. Shitty projects rely on paid promotions and giveaways to get people to “spread” their project and increase unique mentions.

Our next steps are simple.

Next Steps:

Do things that are so insane that everyone has to talk about it.

That’s it. This is the game plan for DeGods’ Path to Blue-Chip.

Frank’s Letter

ps. this is a personal letter I wanted to write to the DeGods community.

Are we going to be the most organized core team? No. Probably not.

Are we going to the moon tomorrow? I have no idea, but no, probably not. 

Are we going to keep fucking trying to make DeGods the best NFT project on Solana? 
Yes, yes we fucking are.

We have about 4,600 holders and around 1000 of us that actively participate. Just about one thousand of us have built all of this so far.

Here we are… a thousand degenerates connecting over the internet during the most insane market in the history of our species. We have all experienced insane gains & gut-wrenching losses. Some of our lives have even been changed forever… because of these fucking magic internet coins. 

It’s beautiful, and it might not be like this forever. So let’s fucking enjoy it all. The ups and the downs.

Let’s help each other out by sharing alpha. 

Let’s support people in our community that build their own things.

Let’s amplify the voices of cool people in our community.

Let’s celebrate our wins & laugh-off our losses.

And most importantly…

Let’s make it, together.