Frank is typing

Satisfying the Beast

some days I wonder how much of this pressure is real vs self imposed.

most days i tell myself “pressure makes diamonds” and just move on

but some days I think that pressure shouldn’t be felt 24/7 for extended periods because great things get created when you’re in a state of playfulness 

and these days there’s no time to play. just work to the next thing & the next thing. which i do believe is what people want me to do. 

“well, frank isn’t that your own fault?” absolutely. and in a perfect world everything is done with precision. every word is said with purpose. to the point where even the most intense scrutiny is rendered null & void.

but the all-mighty clock keeps ticking. and hard decisions get made because we want to satisfy the beast better than anyone has ever satisfied the beast.

the “beast” is the people reading this tweet, it’s the holders, it’s the critics & the people that think im a good person; and the people that think I’m evil.

trust & patience are not default characteristics of the beast. it’s something that has to be earned. and that’s how it should be, because most people are dumb & bad & they probably won’t deliver & they’re probably selfish & they’re probably scamming you, etc.

so the beast develops an immune system to these people. and the moment they think that you’re a virus, the beast will label you as such and swarm on you and then it’s gg

but i guess that’s ok because if you make the beast some money, then the beast likes you (for now) 

but i can’t shake the feeling like satisfying the beast is a losing game in the long run. and the only winning game is satisfying the beast enough so that it doesn’t murder you, while you secretly try to build something that you genuinely believe will be incredible for the long term (while the beast isn’t watching of course because the beast would be very upset if you weren’t working exclusively for his immediate satisfaction)

anyway idk where im going with this. just waiting for my 7th meeting of the day to start and typing this on my phone. don’t worry business as usual. hyped for season III and y00ts 2 and all the other stuff we’re making